Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 3 

The water games are one of the many wondrous memories I have of the day. It was an enjoyable activity and I will surely remember it.

Our class worked together respectably well today. The same can't be said for the next day though.

Strength: 1)We have a leisure look at life. Eg. We love to stroll everywhere. Even when someone is screaming their heads off for us to hurry up and walk faster.
2)We are not particular talkative and outspoken, not like a certain class. ( I am not pinpointing anybody, so do not flame me for this post. If this hurts anyone in the psychologically, I apologize beforehand.)

Weakness: 1) Our class is like Afghanistan, with different tribes having different view and warring over it. Or perhaps it is like Jerusalem, where Muslims have their own set of view and the Christians also have their views and no on is willing to compromise with each other to achieve progress unless forced. Even then, they may not work together. (Simply said, there is minimal collaboration or teamwork and everyone needs to raise their voices to get their views known and only when that happens then we start working together. At that stage, we are working at Level C and it is terrible.)(P.S. I may be a bit too pessimistic above as there are times when we do work with each other willingly. The reason I wrote our fault so seriously is that I wish such a fault do not even exist.)
2) Sometimes, we take the PSL instructions as completely non-existen and do not even follow it.

Thou is now sure about thy confidence.

I learned that I have a weakness, and that weakness is that I tend to speak to quickly and thus making other people confused about what I am saying.

I see myself contributing a new invention and thus improving thousands of  peoples lives. I will also try my best to improve agriculture in Africa because, ironically, the country that has one of the most fertile land in the world has the highest poverty rates in the world.

Day 4

The most memorable situation is the situation where is was playing a tangle game and was tangled together with a mass of people.

I feel that it was fine with a occasional fracturing of the class into a dozen tiny groups.

I think it is responsibility.

They are: Helpfulness, Courteous, Responsible, Self-Motivated and Respectfulness.(there are at least a dozen other traits but if i list them down, it will take up a lot of blog space)

They are expecting us to be helpful, self-motivated and become motivated learner with strong moral values and contribute to the world 

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