Thursday, 16 August 2012

Class Photos

Formal 2


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Friday, 3 August 2012

NDP: Loving Singapore, Our Home

part 1: 

Let’s discover “home” from the point of view of a returning Singaporean using Paul’s wheel of reasoning 

Discuss the video using Paul's wheel of reasoning and pen down your thoughts.


Follow the link to download resource: Paul's Wheel of reasoning template 

Time: 10 mins


Part 2:

Create a word cloud on your thoughts about “Singapore our home”

  • Save the jpeg version  (select “print” and save as jpeg ) of their completed poster in the format: Index no_name_Singapore and submit in the submit folders (Character Education submit folder). 
  • For students who do not know how to access: Ask them to press “Command K” and type in  “afp://”

Monday, 16 July 2012

Maths Support Programme on 17 July 2012 (Tuesday)

Dear students

To facilitate the taking place of the GCE "O" Level Examination for Mother Tongue Language Listening Comprehension, there will be NO Face-to-Face Maths Support Programme tomorrow.

Nevertheless, printed handouts (Algebra IV) will be given to you for practice (to prepare for the Level Test). It will be given to you tomorrow.

Please complete the worksheet and check the answers (available at GoogleSite > Mathematics > Support Programme (Sec 1) [at the left panel]

I will be available on Thurdsay from 2 pm to 3 pm at the Info Hub. You may see me at there to clarify your doubts. Alternatively, you may 'look' for me through "Facebook" or "Email".

Cheers! Ms Loh



This is the theme for 2012 Racial Harmony Day
The   theme   seeks   to   bring   together the future aspirations of our nation and the recollections of past moments of joy that we share with our friends from all races.
These aspects reflect our shared history and common destiny upon which our sense of identity as Singaporeans is built.

People  :  Given   Singapore’s   rapid   rate   of   progress   and   the   increasing   spectrum   of   global   opportunities,   it is even more important for Singaporeans to believe in a joint vision of our destiny as a people. This vision of a common destiny will unite us against new fissures and pressure points, and allow us to reminisce with our friends, years from now.

Places  :  The spaces and places become repositories of shared memories that form a rich tapestry of our heritage.

Memories  :  The shared recollection of our multicultural heritage of different cultural landmarks, spaces and traditions forms the multiracial and multicultural fabric of our society.
These different facets of our multiracial history and multicultural heritage collectively govern the consciousness of the   ‘Singaporean   Identity’   and   entrench   our   sense   of   rootedness to this little island that we proudly call home.

Watch the following video: people.places.memories

a) Students to work in groups of 2 or 3 and answer the following questions on the google site:

    1. How would you describe the relationship between the characters in the video? [Inferences]
    2. What draws the people you see in the video together? [Inferences & Evidence/Data/Information]
    3.What values and attitudes bind them together?
    4. How did the characters show respect and empathy for others?          (a) How do such values and attitudes enrich our life experiences? [Point of View]
        (b) What is the importance of such values and attitudes to our society? [Point of View]
    5. What could you do to foster strong bonds between people of different backgrounds within your   class / school? (Invite responses from students on how they bridge differences in the various class / school activities. i.e. service learning, CIP, CCA, interclass competition, etc)
    6. What small changes would you like to initiate in your neighbourhood to promote interaction and understanding between people, regardless of race, language or religion?   

b) Finally please complete the racial harmony quiz:  link

Please complete a) and b) by the end of the day.

    SST Racial Harmony 2012 - CE Period, 16th July

    Dear students,

    Please await further instructions from your teacher.  Your teacher will go through the CE lesson package with class.  Do click here to access the resources.

    Monday, 25 June 2012

    Reflection: Chairperson for a Day

    Here are a few guiding questions to help you.
    1) The most difficult part of the job.
    2) Strategies that worked for you. ( Classroom management, conflict management, etc)
    3) The most important take away for you in this experience.

    Time: 15 mins
    No Talking please. This is a self reflection.

    Monday, 14 May 2012

    Reflection 2012 Semester 1

     Reflection 2012

    1) What has gone well?
    • Which subjects did you enjoy?
    • Which subjects did you excel in?

    2) What do you think contributed to the success?
    • Why did you enjoy these subjects?
    • Why did you excel in these subjects in particular?

    3) What could have been better?

    • Which subjects did you struggle with?
    • What hindered your ability to do well in them?

    4) What follow-up is needed to help you overcome the challenges/ difficulties experienced in the subject(s)?

    5) How are you going to spend your June Holidays constructively working towards your academic goals?

    Sunday, 22 April 2012


    1)i would not send anyone spam messages.2)i will not hack into anyone network.3)i will not cyberbully anyone in the internet or target anyone

    My activities.

    Sorry for the late submission.

    SST-Cyber Wellness

    Sorry for handing it in late. I got a bit of sick, thus was unable to hand this in time.

    Saturday, 21 April 2012

    Cyber Wellness Pledge

    My Cyber Wellness Pledge...

    Poon Wai Kit (19) S1-04

    CE activity

    Sorry for submitting the work late.
            - Achutha karuppiah 


    Sorry for the late reply...

    Question 1
    a.     what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
    It means to be a member of that cyberspace to contribute to it.
    b.     do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?
    Yes. This is because that if we do not respect others and be responsible, then people would think that oh I am so lousy and the cyberspace world get unbalanced as in they would fight against each other.

    Question 2
    a.     Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.
    They might get cheated of their money by giving personal information to "real" websites.
    b.     Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.
    c.      What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?
    Do not ever give out personal information to websites as they may appear very real to you but actually they are not.

    Question 3
    I did well, which sows that I have learnt well in this exercise.

    Thank You
    Goh Qian Zhe

    Reflections for activity 1 and 2...

    Friday, 20 April 2012

    What it means to be Digital Citizens
    Activity 1

    Watch the following video and answer the reflection questions.
    Post as comments.

    Reflection Questions

    a.     what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
    b.     do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?


    “The imminent dangers faced by Digital Citizens in Cyber Space”
    Activity 2

    Watch the following video and post your responses to the questions that follows:

    Did You Know?: Dangers on the Web


    Reflection Questions
    The questions for reflections include: (Post as Comment)

    a.     Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.
    b.     Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.
    c.      What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?


    Cyber Safety Glossary
    Activity 3
    link to Glossary for Class Discussion


    Activity 4
    Click on the following link for examples on Netiquette


    Master the Basics: Netiquette: QUIZ 
    Activity 5 (individual work)

    after the QUIZ, review your responses


    Class Pledge
    Activity 6 (pair work)
     In pairs, students will propose 3 netiquettes to be observed by class and post in Class Blog.

    They have to include
    (a) the reasons/rationales for this and
    (b) the possible consequences of non compliance to the netiquettes proposed


    Monday, 26 March 2012

    Your class committee 2012

    Exco Name
    Chairperson CHEW YUN HUI
    Vice Chairperson LOOI CHI HAN
    Secretary CHAN SIEW EE, SARAH
    Treasurer TAN SHI JIE 
    Sub-Committee Members Name
    Welfare/ Service Learning Coordinator LEONG SIN YUEN, LYNNETTE
    Welfare/ Service Learning Coordinator LIEW JIAWEN
    Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador  LIAW XIAOTAO
    Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador  GOH QIAN ZHE
    NE Representative ACHUTHA D/O KARUPPIAH
    NE Representative ANGELINE YAP ZHI HAN
    NE Representative ARJUN APPAVPP S/O S
    NE Representative ETHAN KHOR
    NE Representative NG KEEN YUNG
    NE Representative THAM CHUN LEONG
    Environment Rep KOH GUO FENG
    Environment Rep POON WAI KIT
    Environment Rep A MANICKA PRAVEEN
    S&W Rep (Black House) KOTA KIRAN CHAND
    S&W Rep (Blue House) RYAN CHEW
    S&W Rep (Green House) LIM ZHONGZHI

    Wednesday, 1 February 2012

    New Homework Widget Download

    Homework Widget V1.1.0 (Blue) available now! Get it here:

    V1.1.0 Changes:
    -Added links at the back of the widget
    -Changed widget colour to blue
    -Changed some minor properties and minor adjustments

    Wednesday, 25 January 2012

    Adjusted timetable

    Dear Student,

    Lessons will start at 8.05am instead of 8am. All timing will hence shift by 5mins.

    Here is new timetable.

    Tuesday, 24 January 2012

    Vote for your class committee 2012 (To be completed by Thurs 26 Jan)

    Friday, 20 January 2012

    Geography Homework 20 January 2012

    Hi guys,

    Complete Pg 5 and 6 of the geography journal (links for download below).

    Have a Happy Chinese New Year! :D

    Thursday, 19 January 2012

    Geography Homework

    Hi guys,

    The geography homework is in the journal (definition of geography, Pg 5) . To download the journal, visit to download all the files. The journal is named "01 Intro to Geography2012.pages". Thanks.

    This is a notice so read it if you need, its actually for Ms Teo

    I will not be coming to school tomorrow, monday and tuesday.!
    (That video is about SOPA and PIPA)

    Homework Blog

    Dear students,

    Please create a homework blog for your daily communication. Class blog should only be used for official class or school business.

    Do let me know the link and add me as a co-author. I will your homework blog link on the class blog.

    Ms. Teo

    Your SST email account is ready.

    Dear students,

    Your SST email account is ready. Please proceed to the website and change your password. You will also use this account to access the student google site for school matters.

    To enter the GoogleSite, please go to the website:
    Your login - UserName and Password are both NRIC.

    NOTE: UserName: S1234567A (not case sensitive) Password: S1234567A (case sensitive, have to be capital letters)

    At the moment, students can only change password through the Command+K and when they are in school (please see steps by steps below for details).

    Should you need further assistance/ encounter problems, please approach Ms Rini (ext 427; email: She is located at the IT helpdesk on level 1, Blk A.

    -Do ICT homework.Finish up the dragon e-card.
    For more info, go to google site and then go ICT,then go to 02 Intro to SST Env to check homework.
    1)Press Command k.
    2)type server address as afp://sstsf01
    3)Username and password is NRIC in Caps
    4)Go to s1-04 ,then go ICT file.
    5)Put screen recording file and dragon e-card into the submit folder.
    Go to google site and then go ICT,then go to 02 Intro to SST Env to check homework.

    -Finish up on worksheet 2:Physical Quantities and units
    -Go science blog and comment three important points about this lesson
    -Do homework:Introduction to Science and Physical Quantities and units.

    -download geography files
    -Find the definition of geography(make it simple)

    Homework (19 Jan)

    1. Complete Homework 1(b) - to be handed in on Wednesday (25 Jan)

    2. Viva Voce Practice (check the tab in this blog) - to be posted in the Maths Blog by Sunday (21 Jan)

    3. Lesson Preparation:
    Read up "Highest Common Factor (HCF)" (p9-p10) and "Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)" (p12-14) in the textbook.
    There are several methods that you can use to do HCF and LCM.
    Look at the methods and try to understand how does each work.

    Wednesday, 18 January 2012

    Geography Files

    Download the Geography files here for those who don't have!!!

    SST Google Site

    SST Google Site working!!!
    Username: Your BC (Small or Caps)
    Password : Your BC (Caps)
    •Prepare for English Exam.(for those 5 pupils)

    •acknowledgement form for exam schedule(for those who had not signed/brought today) 

    •maths worksheet(questions from textbook)

    •chinese workbook pg 1 and 2

    •science worksheet(till page 8)

    Ps:comment on this post/chat with me on facebook if you have any doubts about the homework posted above.

    Tuesday, 17 January 2012


    acknowledgement form of exam schedule to be signed

    prepare for English exam

    science ws(do page 4 and finish up page 3(additional information is optional))

    check chinese blog for chinese homework(for chinese pupils)

    maths ws

    in maths excercise book,do the following questions from Textbook(Discovering Mathematics 1A)excercise 1.1,questions 9(d),9(f),12(b),13,14,18,19(a),24(a)(i) and 24(b).

    Ps:comment on this post/chat with me on facebook if you have any doubts about the homework posted above.

    Monday, 16 January 2012


    •ADMT Form worksheet.

    •Prepare for English Exam(prepare for presenting in front of the class "how to improve on English")

    •ADMT Group work (on Principles of Art).

    •Science worksheet(do page 4)

    Ps:comment on this post if you have any doubts about the homework posted above.

    My group NASA Article

    What I think
    -The people used wrong units and it pushed the spacecraft to be extinguished and I think that they should try to use the same units.

    Sunday, 15 January 2012

    This message is to those taking German as their language
    Please tell me what the German teacher means by the nl consent form in the notice


    Can anyone send me geography docs via email attachment? Thanks!

    Saturday, 14 January 2012

    Help meeee 1.1

    what's ms teo's email? tell me in the comment ok thank you bye bye

    Friday, 13 January 2012

    Homework Widget

    Hi classmates, there's this homework widget (RSS Feed). Download it here :



    •group work for PE(make a disk by next PE lesson)

    •check chinese blog(for chinese pupils)

    •update your post on the math blog(the mathematics that we know)

    •ADMT group work(go Facebook and comment on the picture( starry starry night)which is on your FB wall) (u must add Qian Zhe as friend) 

    •ADMT name writing and decorating on sketch book(landscape)

    •Do 6am quiz which is on the math blog.

    Ps:comment on this post if you have any doubts about the homework posted above.

    Thursday, 12 January 2012

    There's this something called a google site right? Miss Teo and Mr Nooh mentioned it right,  but i don't get what is it or where its found at...Can someone post a reply asap?...

    Help meeee

    can someone post in the comments where to post the ICT video? Help meeee