Saturday, 7 January 2012

Chi Han's(17) Day 4 Reflection

  • What is the most memorable activity of the whole Orientation?
    *   It is the Inaugural Badge Ceremony as it marks the day when the new batch of students officially become part of the SST family.
  • How do you find the whole experience in SST?
    *   I felt that it was great although I realized that from now on, in order for me to keep up with school work,i would need to be more hardworking from now on.
  • What value do you think is the most important in your school life?
    *   Being responsible.
  • What are the traits (e.g. values,dispositions etc) of a SST student?
    *   Being responsible,hardworking,cooperative,obedient,helpful and knowing how to improvise.
  • What are the expectations of you, as a SST student?
    *   To abide by all the rules set by the school.

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