Friday, 6 January 2012

(20120106) Expressing our Appreciation

To make this orientation a success, there are many who work through during the school holidays, or during the orientation activities. Of course, your active participation has contributed greatly to the success of the programme. Take sometime to recall... over this Orientation week, identify someone whom you would like to thank for his/her effort in creating this experience for you. Create a eCard and pen down a few words to express your gratitude, and post it in the class blog.
  • Remember to sign off the eCard with your name!
  • Blog title: Thank you from yourname

An eCard could be a digital image some text printed on top of a photo. There are several ways to create one. Here are two suggested ways (you may choose to use other methods that you are familiar with):
  • Using KeyNote or PowerPoint, insert a photo into the slide. Insert the desired text. Export the slide as an image.
  • Using online dynamic tools like Glogster. This card could be animated. You may generate and embed the HTML codes into the blog post.

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