Friday, 3 August 2012

NDP: Loving Singapore, Our Home

part 1: 

Let’s discover “home” from the point of view of a returning Singaporean using Paul’s wheel of reasoning 

Discuss the video using Paul's wheel of reasoning and pen down your thoughts.


Follow the link to download resource: Paul's Wheel of reasoning template 

Time: 10 mins


Part 2:

Create a word cloud on your thoughts about “Singapore our home”

  • Save the jpeg version  (select “print” and save as jpeg ) of their completed poster in the format: Index no_name_Singapore and submit in the submit folders (Character Education submit folder). 
  • For students who do not know how to access: Ask them to press “Command K” and type in  “afp://”

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  1. Reflections:

    What is home?
    It is a place where you live happily in, where you are free from any worries, where you can be really safe in, and that you feel truly very happy in that place

    Is it a must to love our home?
    Yes, as you have grown affection for the things in your home and you will naturally fall for it, and love it since the start.

    Do you think the main character loves Singapore? Explain.
    Yes. This is because that he specially wanted to take the memories of the people around his home, Singapore and this shows that he has fell for Singapore and loves it.


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