Tuesday, 3 January 2012

S104_Jiawen_Day 1 Reflections

What is your first impression of SST?
Answer: SST is very big and new and the other students there are really helpful
What is your goal as a SST student?
Answer: As a student of SST, my goal is to be able to get into a good College and university
What would you like to know more about your friends?
Answer: I would like to know more about my friends personality, habits and hobbies so I would not hurt them by saying i hate doing something which they really like doing.
What makes SST a community?
Answer: When the students, teachers and workers in SST help each other and also be together.
What is so different about this community?
Answer: Instead of the teachers being in charge of everything , they let the students to handle it themselves so the students can be independent and not always rely on the teachers. The teachers also make learning fun and enjoyable for the students so we can learn at ease.

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