Sunday, 8 January 2012

Reflection:::Day 3&4:::Lynnette Leong

Pen down a memorable situation where you think you have done well.
Holding it out in the endurance game

How do you feel about how your class has worked together today.

List 2 strengths and weaknesses of your class.
We work together. We are friendly. We are slow. We are stubborn.

Through this, what are your strengths that you are confident about.
Teamwork, collaboration.

What did you learn about yourself through the past 2 days.
Teamwork, collaboration.

How do you see yourself growing and contributing to this community.
In every way possible.


What is the most memorable activity of the whole orientation.
The badge ceremony.

How do you find the whole experience in SST.
Fun and exciting.

What value do you think is the most important in your school life.

What are the traits of a SST student.
Responsibility, the ten C's.

What are the expectations of you, as a SST student.
To be responsible and follow rules.

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  1. Ms teo this is sam can you re accept me for the class co author invitation


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