Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflection from Anbarasan Subramaniyan_S1-04_8

1.     What is your first impression of SST?
SST is a school that has the potential of shaping young, curious learners to attain their goals in future.
2.     What is your goal as a SST student ?
I want to become an astrophysicist or a scientist.
3.      What would you like to know more about your friends?
I want to know their full names and the things/characters his/her friends need to have.
4.      What makes SST a community?
However, if you ask me what characters make up the SST community. Then it is excellence , integrity and self-discipline.
5.      What is so different about this community?
the class size is very small and all people in SST are very kind, understanding and updated at all times. They treat the students like young adults. There is also applied learning and a lot of facilities to enjoy!

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