Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Reflection for the day

Which is the most memorable activity today?
It is the balloon-destroying, running-or-stomping and just don't get your own balloon popped activity.

How do you feel when you are working with your new classmates? Why?

I felt glad, enjoyable, a fun experience etc. Then are a lot of reason to the second question. Firstly, I was glad that none of my classmates were arguing about the project then were suppose to be doing. Secondly, everybody contributed some ideas with regard to the project. Thirdly, everybody was collaborating together which is in sync with the projects topic. It is due to these reasons that I felt the mentioned feeling. 

Are your classmates co-operative? Why?
My classmates are extremely co-operative because we have to work together to hand in a respectable project, not a hastily compiled together powerpoint slides. 

What is your role to play in this community?
In a community, there are leaders and there are also members or citizens. I would like to be a leader if the opportunity arrives but for now, my role is a role of a contributive citizen or member, not a disruptive member.

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