Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Reflection Day 2,3 and 4 and my photo

Day 2

Which was the most memorable activity today?
A: The balloon tag game.

How do you feel that when you wok with your new classmates?
A:I feel that we are able to communicate well because we find it easier to talk to each other after one day.

Are your classmates co-operative? Why?
A: Most of them are, except fro a few, who tried to be funny.

What is your role to play in this community?
A:My role is to help the community through the food donation drive etc.

Day 3

Pen down a memorable situation where you think you have done well.
A:The water games.

How you feel about how your class worked together today?
A:I feel that it is essential to work together for things to be done fast.

List 2 strength and weakness of your class.
A:We were cooperative and always positive, but are slow when asked to queue up, and were quite noisy.

Through this, what are your strengths that you are confident about?
A:The ability to react quickly when needed and the ability to lead.

What did you learn about yourself through the past 2 days?
A:I learnt to take initiative and to be responsible.

How do you see yourself growing and contributing to this community?
A:I see myself having more responsibility as i am treated as a young adult in SST.

Day 4

What is the most memorable activity of the whole Orientation?
A:The long nightwalk.

How do you find the whole experience in SST?
A:Fun, new and exciting.

What value do you think is the most important in your school life?

What are the traits of a SST student?
A:An SST student has to be innovative people who take initiative and responsibility in all he or she does.

What are the expectations of you, as a SST student?
A:I am expected to be honest and responsible for my actions and to contribute and to impact to the society.


  Chiam Chuen (10)

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