Monday, 9 January 2012

Class Rules :D

1. Silence is golden- Refrain from unnecessary chit-chat during lessons.
2. Respect your teachers and peers - Raise your hands when you are going to make a comment or ask a question. It is disrespectful to suddenly voice your query when the teacher or your peer is talking
3. Please participate in all discussions that are on going.
4. Close your Mac 45º when teacher is talking.
5. No littering.
6. No vulgarities/name calling ( bullying)
7. Keep the class clean at all times.
8. No violence and respect other's privacy ( do not look at other student's passwords for their locker and their Learning Device)
9. Do not stand up unnecessarily during lessons unless asked to.
10. Do not vandalize school property.
11. No sweet drinks in class.

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