Saturday, 7 January 2012

Chi Han's(17) Day 3 Reflection

  • Pen down a memorable situation where you think you have done well
    * It was the time when,with the help and support of some of my classmates and group members,I managed to finish                 the video for the Digital Citizenship presentation before having to go to bed,thus giving my whole group a piece of   mind.
  • How you feel about how your class has worked together today?
    *   I felt that my class worked brilliantly together today.
  • List 2 strengths and weaknesses of your class
    *   Strengths:
        1• We are able to cheer our classmates on.
        2• We are able to cooperate and thus able to finish activities.
        1• As we still hardly know each other,we are unable to collaborate.
        2• many of us tend to rush to do the activities without planning much.
  • Through this, what are your strengths that you are confident about?
    *   For my team/class, I will do my very best so as to strive fot the goal.
  • What did I learn about myself through the past 2 days?
    *   I learned that in order to get the best results/scores,we must cooperate.
  • How do I see myself growing and contributing to this community?
    *   I see myself growing and contributing to this community as I start to have the 4Rs,3Es and last but not least,the 10Cs. 

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