Wednesday, 4 January 2012

10Cs Activity - Sec 1-04 ( Social - Collaboration and Citizenship)

Dear Young Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today's activity will focus on the 10Cs, the importance and relevance of 21st century skills and dispositions and their alignment to the SST's vision, mission, goals and values.

You will:
1. Create visual and digital products to demonstrate understanding of the 10Cs.
2. Blog your learning outcomes in the class blog.

I will give you some instructions regarding today's task.

Here are some useful websites to help you along.

1. Please refer to this link for the school's Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.
2. The future of Singapore in 2015, a youtube video.

You will be organised into 4 Groups:
  • Groups 1 & 2: Collaboration
  • Group 3: Citizenship - Global
  • Group 4: Citizenship - Digital
  • Group 5: Introduction Video

Activity 1a: Discussion & Online search 

(i) Carry out an online research on the meanings of the "C" assigned to the group.

(ii) List down positive role models who demonstrate the "C" (e.g. Sir Edmund Hillary - Mount Everest)

(iii) Put down your findings on a butcher paper, which will be displayed on the class notice board.

Activity 1b: Discussion (20 min)
On the butcher paper,
  1. List down positive characteristics of the "C"
    1. What “C” (eg Collaboration) is... and
    2. what the "C' (eg collaboration) is not (e.g. What collaboration is not..)
    3. How should SST students demonstrate that C... In studies, attitude, CCA etc
You may use these websites to assist you.

Performance Task:
1. Create a brief class introduction that will include the "Cs" using media. This would be posted into the class blog.

2. The performance task requires the group to consolidate the "C" through an artistic/aesthetic expressions eg drawing, skit, song etc.

Your "product" presentation should be between 2.5 to 3 minutes.

  1. Sound/good definition that is aligned to school values
  2. Artistic/aesthetic expression
  3. Effective use of technology
You may use the proposed Media
  • keynote
  • movies
  • photobooth, etc.
You will also need to create a brief class introduction that will include the "Cs" using media. This will be posted in the class blog.

Product Showcase and Assessment:
Each group will showcase their product that must include
(i) Artistic/aesthetic product
(ii) Verbal presentation (audio recording is fine also)
  • Once approved, the representative of the group will upload the product(s) to the class blog using email.
  • Give a title the Blog Post. e.g. "Courage" by Team 1
  • Form teacher will select the 2 best "C"s (one for citizenship and 1 for the "C" assigned).

In total, there will be 5 blog posts
1) 1 for Class Introduction
2) 4 for the "C"s.

Task: Class Introduction Video

Ideas for your video:

1) Class motto : What your class stand for?
2) Class vision
3)  Introduction of each member
4)  Class Policy

Note: The class will present the assigned C on Badge Ceremony. (This Friday night)

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